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Snowdrops C - Vintage Tray

699 NOK
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Kinesisk brett laget i vintage Alm.

Håndlaget av gammelt treverk, hvert brett er unikt.

H ca 5 cm, B ca 40 cm.

Dette brettet er perfekt til å pynte med i alle husets rom. Du kan fylle brettet med lys og annen pynt, eller servere nystekte rundstykker på det:)

Why waste wood……old chinese elmfurniture collected

from the villages are renovated and come to new life

in modern homes combined with scandinavian designicons.

Also old doors from the houses in the villages are collected

and used for new and modern furniture – each one unique

with its own rawness and glow.

This way we do not waste wood producing new furniture.

And we do not affect the environment in producing new

furniture as all renovations are made by hand.

Our collection is inspired by the raw yet beautiful nature

that Scandinavia and northern China has in common –

the simplicity, the functionality and the beauty of these

items has lasted for a long time and will last

for a long time to come….

Mette Fog/owner of Snowdrops

Alle møblene fra Snowdrops C er unike og varierer i str og utforming. Har du spm kontakt oss gjerne.